About Us

Common Sense Warriors Podcast is a project created by Lyle MacDougall and myself, Rainer Schmoll early in 2019. Lyle is the owner of Bakerview Financial Solutions and I am the volunteer President of the Think Generously Non Profit Society as well as the founder of the Think Referrals Business Network.

This project was born on our way to a hockey game while we were listening to a Podcast in the truck. We decided that there was a need in our area to give small business and entrepreneurs a voice and a Podcast would be the perfect platform. The name came right after the decision to create a Podcast, there was never a different name up for consideration. We were talking about crazy grassroots movements that existed and the idea that a common sense movement would actually be worthwhile in a time when Common Sense is increasingly rare, Common Sense Warriors now exists.

Our format will be video discussion with local entrepreneurial guests, right from the start, before we recorded our first episode, we were quickly booked with eager guests almost filling up our first year of weekly broadcasts.

We hope you enjoy our sometimes weird, sometimes wacky and sometimes serious, Podcast.